The only thing that grew…

Aside from my children, this was the only thing that grew really well around our house this summer.

That is why there are a lot of pictures of them!

sunflower sunflower close up2sunflower2sunfloweronbricksunflower close up


Check it out-there are some great shots there as usual!


Sheri said…
beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love the final shot, the composition is perfect
Absolutely gorgeous! Such creative composition!
Lizzi said…
These are all gorgeous, crisp, and clean!
Brooke said…
Lovely shots! I love sunflowers! I really like the one with the sun coming throuh the petal, great work...found you by way of sweet shots
Unknown said…
Awesome! One of the activities for grandparents and their grandchildren that my grandkids and I enjoyed this summer was to plant the Sunflower House. Ours have done great too! We're feeding a lot of ours to the Kentucky birds and other critters. How bout you? :)
stef said…
Thank you so much for the comments.
Kaye~so far the sunflowers are attracting butterflies and chickadee's...I assume more birds will come when they go to seed!
Wow! Very beautiful! Thanks for joining FMIC today. Have a great week!

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