Finally done

Disclaimer:  I am not a writer so bare with me please!

Back in July-it may have been the first week, I had a grand plan to paint my 9 dining room chairs.

But life happened and got in the way!  I was side tracked by other details of summer vacation like Vacation Bible School for one week, our car dying, doctor’s appointments and weather that has been hotter than…well I do not know hotter than what but it has been an extremely hot summer in general.

(to put it this way, usually we have our air on anywhere from one day to two weeks in the summer since moving to our house 7 years ago-but this year it has been on almost 6 weeks consecutively)

So life has basically gotten in between me and my chairs.  I figured out this week the heat is not leaving us-although it is quite beautiful the last two days, so I would paint regardless of the 40 degrees (100 degrees for those south of me) weather.

Oh I also had a unconvinced husband about painting wood-see older post To paint or not to paint... 

My well loved chairs of 13 years in that yellow pine from the 90’s (that were bought at a garage sale to match my Ikea harvest table from the same time period).

DSC_4173I love the ladder back chairs and the caning because it is two shades of green. 

(Please note the teeth marks are not from our dog-it was the previous owners’, plus I think child number 3 may have gnawed on them a bit when he was little…)

DSC_4174  DSC_4178 DSC_4179

I sanded them, diligently covered the seats with newspaper, and used about 3 cans of black spray paint.

DSC_4189And since they were already in a well loved state I sanded a tiny bit off the turned areas of the chair to expose some of the wood underneath.  I love black painted furniture with a bit of colour popping through-don’t you?

Like this bed..

master-bedroom-lfrom Southern Living 

I put two coats of a spray varnish on them to make sure the paint job lasts a bit longer than the time it takes to bring them back into the house.  And here they are.  I think they look new, one child likes, one child doesn’t and one child has not even noticed yet.  Husband is quiet…



DSC_4198   DSC_4196

For just around the $25.00 mark I painted nine chairs.  Not bad don’t you think?

I smile every time I pass by that room.

Oh and I have started another paint project the base coat is already on.

A lovely yellow pine mirror from the 90’s too!


I am going to personalize it a bit for our dining room.  This is what it looked like before hanging in our dining room.

DSC_0224(sorry all I could find of it was a Christmas picture)

I’ll post it when it is done!

I am linking to these beautiful sites with tons of inspiration.

ItsaHodgepodgeFriday powerofpaintbutton welcome

inspired room untitled


Karie said…
Very nice. I like the black. Thanks for sharing.
I love your chairs! I can't believe how different they look by painting the chairs and leaving the seats! We have the same ones and I have struggled with what to do with them...I may have to copy this.
Andrea Dekker said…
I LOVE these chairs, and I LOVE black. Unfortunately, my husband won't let me use our ladder-back chairs anymore. He says they are too uncomfortable!!

He's good enough to live with my (daily) DIY projects so I can't complain too much...

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous chairs!!

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