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Was blessed to be asked to make two signs last week.  One personalized to the character of one family and the other personalized to the colour choices of a young adults bedroom. 

Nothing more fun than being able to personalize artwork and signs for someone-makes it one of a kind.

I choose pen and ink for the first one which you can see framed here.

I loved doing this for my friend because it gives you a “feel” about what the family is about.  There are details of their cat, their bird, apples, and books, since the kids and parents love to read, bikes because the kids love to ride them all summer.  There’s bugs and food, and a big fat toad because my friend’s son loves them-he’s the toad whisperer..really, you can see a picture of him here.  A real cutie right?

I also made a canvas painting with a favourite bible verse and painted it in the colours of a young lady’s room.  Seriously that is the easiest way to get artwork up in a room is to use the rooms colour scheme.DSC_4182

Here’s some others I did a while back..



The dollar stores carry a bunch of canvases and paint that it would be so simple to add a personalized piece to any space, and a quick and fun idea for your kids.  You could even get them to make one canvas per season and use those to change the decor in their rooms or around the house.  So easy peasy!

And today hopefully, I will make one for our home in our colour scheme…maybe a cute saying of the kids, or inspirational saying or favourite bible verse?  The options are endless.  I am also going to give the kids a canvas for themselves to see what creations they come up with and hang it in their rooms…should be interesting.

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