To paint or not to paint…that is the question

My husband has this thing about painting wood…He does not like it.

He has made numerous wood furniture pieces around the house with which, I have oh, so, very, quickly slapped a coat of paint on them-much to his disbelief. 

So when he made our gorgeous headboard (which I must say is one of the favourite pieces he’s made thus far), he asked what stain I wanted on it.

100_5505  I quickly replied, oh, I am painting it!

He was not impressed.  But I really believe it is gorgeous! 

DSC_0231 copy 

There are only three wood pieces in our home that were made and stayed stained.

100_4828 DSC_0193

The Mantel that my husband made,


100_7523 100_7995

The blanket box my father bought me,

DSC_0158And our TV unit which I do not have a proper picture of!

I have painted pretty much everything else; the table I made in University, the shelves my husband has made for the dining room, kids bathroom, and the console table my husband made from our old kitchen table-which was actually a compromise because it was stained and painted!

DSC_8621100_4816 DSC_0030 100_2525 

I really , I mean really want to get rid of all the wood in our dining room now.  Since we live on a restricted budget, I have to make do with what we have or are given.  Years ago, maybe more than 12, we bought our dining room chairs.  We have a good size extended family so figured we would need at least 15.  My husband picked 9 chairs up for under 100 dollars at a garage sale and they suit us. They still do. 

But the wood has got to go and since we cannot afford to buy 9 new chairs, (nor do I think it is practical to toss them since they still work fine-minus the one that has dog chewing marks on it) I am planning of painting our old, second hand dining room chairs. 

I am thinking black.   :)

DSC_0143 Maybe next week-during the afternoon’s after VBS…we’ll see.

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Oh I so understand the paint thing and men. My DH would have a fit if I painted some of our things. Oh well. Love your headboard, it is stunning and white is just perfect. All of your pieces are super. I think the chairs black will be stunning. Have fun painting. Hugs, Marty
Did you end up painting your chairs?

I love paint-- because it is so easy and cheap to repaint when you want something fresh and new. I think black for the chairs is a great idea!
stef said…
Marty-thanks, I am hoping to get to the chairs next week-fingers crossed!
Tiina said…
lovely items! Yes, paint makes everything look fabulous! what happened to the chairs, are they painted now? maybe a beautiful gray? ah lovely!

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