Staging can enhance the positive qualities of a home and minimize the negative qualities while using most of the home owner’s own possessions.  Redesigning the space can make it more appealing to a potential home buyer yet keep it comfortable for the home owner.  See the before and after link for examples.

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Services Offered:

Stephanie will determine the most cost-effective way to prepare your home for sale, keeping in mind your budget and setting priorities based on your needs.  Her recommendations will strive to increase the appeal and potential value of your house within its particular area and marketplace.

Once you carry out the staging recommendations, Stephanie will return to make sure it was fully completed and to take the photographs for your listing, website, and feature sheet. 

Images can be delivered to you either by e-mail or CD.

Using Stephanie for both staging and photography means she can ensure the house has been staged properly so that the photographs showcase your property’s best features.  Often the realtor spends money on having the staging consultation done, only to find that the photographs taken for the listing have highlighted a neglected area or one that may have been overlooked.

During the consultation, Stephanie will advise on:

  • colour consultation
  • de-cluttering
  • space planning (this may include re arranging furniture to ensure the best traffic flow)
  • general decor such as lighting, artwork, and window treatments.

Three packages offered:

1. The 2 hour In Home consultation package includes:               $140.00

  • colour palette suggestions
  • layout plans
  • detailed lists including solutions, repairs, layout plans reusing accents within the home.

2. The photography package includes:                                                $75.00

  • high resolution photographs with wide angle lenses for MLS listing or website.
  • design feature sheet; one or double sided at an additional cost.
  • all photographs e-mailed to Agent, Brokerage or on CD.

3. The staging and photography package includes:                      $200.00

  • The combination of the two services listed above.
  • Feature sheets at an additional cost.

Turn around time is approximately 12-24 hours; sometimes days end.

All prices include HST

Travel fee applies to out of the Greater Durham Area

Additional Services:


Portrait photography:                                                                  $100.00

  • Family, children up to 5 people
  • Approximately 1 hour session
  • 15-20 images on CD, edited, high resolution

Mini session Portrait photography                                                 $50.00

  • Family, children up to 5 people
  • One half hour session
  • 10-15 images on CD, edited, high resolution


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