Quick transformation

Often more than not, when someone needs their home staged it has to be a quick transformation.  And often, more than not, it needs to be cost efficient.

One of the easiest ways to transform an object is to paint it.  And the quickest way to paint it, is with spray paint.

Ah, I love spray paint, really I do.

Check out these wall sconces I got from the local thrift store.  What I liked about these was not only the price but the versatility in them-they could be used almost anywhere in a home

so for staging purposes they are very practical.

DSC_8530DSC_8532Cute aren’t they, I have always wanted a set of these for candles but they were a bit too dark for my taste.

So a quick coat of warm white spray paint and two dry brushed coats of

a warm beige and white and they look like this….

DSC_2725DSC_2760For about 4 dollars for the two, 7 dollars for the paint and literally half and hour of my time, you couldn’t ask for an easier project..cannot wait to see what they will look like when they are decorated at Christmas! 


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Unknown said…
I love it!! Especially the way you warmed them up! :)

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