quick transformation

Problem: Boring, flat bathroom mirror and no money in the budget to get a cute one.


Solution: Ask very handy husband to make a frame for it with left over wood in garage,

paint it (with left over paint too) and pop it into place!


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Haverford House said…
Love your mirror transformation! And the price was right too! ~Marcy
It looks fabulous. A framed mirror just seems to dress up a bathroom. Yours looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty
The wide boards really do bring that mirror up a whole notch! Looks good! I did this in both my bathrooms with big mirrors, narrower boards and bullseye corner blocks. No mitering! Your bathroom looks great.
stef said…
Ann-that is a great idea-I need one more for my bathroom downstairs plus I have a client who would benefit from that style also! Thanks for the tip!

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