Powder room transformation

One weekend, a lot of wall paper that needed to come down, and eager little hands to help rip it off.

Cawker Court powder room Wow, isn’t it horrid?  I would get uptight just being near this room.

One bucket of drywall compound, two coats unevenly spread, and a fan.

Three layers of paint washed; a sickly looking yellow, then white and grey.

100_3747 I love the texture.

One can of black spray paint, one “big box store” inexpensive brass vanity light

and a messy garage floor afterwards.

powder room One day, eventually, a vanity replaced and a frame around the mirror.

In the mean time, this makes me much happier.


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That looks so GOOD! Even without a new vanity and a frame around the mirror.

Beautiful job!

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