Cheap, or Frugal?

Someone told me once that it was not classy to discuss how much you had paid for something. 

I was asked about my winter boots once. 

Of course I exclaimed with MUCH excitement; “Value Village and I got them for 7 bucks”!

It was then I was told, you should not tell people that. 

What?  Not share a bargain?  Or tell them it was second hand? 

Either way it made me very apprehensive whenever someone asked me from then on,

“Is that new?”  (Ya, new to me ;)

I was also told recently that I should not use the word; cheap.  Frugal is more appropriate.  So now I am confused…proper etiquette cheap a wrong word??

The way I see it, if you have acquired something, free, cheaply or frugally, it is a blessing from God.  I have lived my entire life not the most financially strong person in town.  I had the smallest allowance of my friends,

(no complaints here-I had a WONDERFUL childhood never doing without)

I worked my entire life and paid for my university education by myself, and paid under two thousand dollars for my wedding and honeymoon.  Now being married for almost 16 years, my husband and I have lived; frugally.  For the majority of the time, on one income, so when I get something I have been longing for FREE..Sorry but I feel the need to scream it from the roof tops!!


Having said that…



God has blessed us with so much-an abundance. 

Now I know there are many who put their noses up to this sort of

attitude-yes, the island I took a liking to was over $750.00. 

But this is the island God gave me and I will rejoice and be very, very glad-my husband is very, very glad! 

To those that put their noses up in the air at our frugalness and un chiqueness (ha! is that a word?) I feel sorry for you-I really do.  Because all around my house is mismatched furniture and USED, SECOND HAND, belongings that God has provided for us to bless us.  And we can make it work.  

Now for the pictures-sorry for the rant.

Of course I had to paint it.  Much to my husbands chagrin.  And now for the before and after.

DSC_8161 A co worker of my husbands bought a house with the island and they did not want it.  So my husband knowing I have wanted one for our kitchen to shorten the work triangle, grabbed it and had a buddy with a pick up deliver it.

DSC_8163The drawers getting a good coat of primer.

DSC_8486  The colour is “Mouse Ears” and warm black that matches the faux slate backsplash that I did a couple of years ago.

(sorry for the SOCC pictures but did not edit them as of yet)

DSC_1906The hardware from the big box stores for a dollar each.

DSC_1907And a last detail..pot drawers, I have always wanted pot drawers!  And a drawer that holds ALL of our utensils, knives and what not! 

I dare say, God is good!  Isn’t he?  Frugal, cheap, un classy whatever you want to call me-I do not care because it came from God.  And I am so grateful!

Next time you get a deal-share it and know it came from God…he wants you to boast on what he has done for you!

(ok I am really done ranting now, I promise)

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Jac said…
:D Love it so much! And I must say, you have inspired me to be "frugal." ;)
Amen. I love your island. What a super find. I love the color too. I am so thrilled with my gifts and if they are used, or not, they are a present from the Lord. I think your island is just fabulous. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty
momofEAP said…
I just found you through The Shabby Nest and I have to say.......GOOD FOR YOU!!! I have trouble not yelling it from the roof-tops when I find I good deal like you found. GOD is Good!!
Anonymous said…
Just awesome! I love the black. It looks great in your kitchen:)

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