Where does your inspiration come from?

As a visual person I can find inspiration in many places that creates in me a focus or meaning to each day.  Often times it is a small thing that has been put there in front of us to behold simply for it’s beauty.  And other times it is of certain significance to remind us why we are here.  A lot of times it just inspires me to do the best with whatever the task is that day.  I see it in;

Creation in my backyard,

Dandylion2or beauty within my home,

pink peonies2or in the light of the early morning sky,

DSC_0980copy  or the freshness after the rain.

DSC_8359 Sometimes inspiration comes in a phrase or book,

DSC_8179 or even from someone else’s home that creates a feeling of peace or comfort that is desired to repeated.


Important holiday’s like Christmas inspire us,

102_2418a  or even someone can inspire you…in my case; it’s my people…

the brownsthey make me want to do whatever it is that I am supposed to do, to make their world a happier one.



browns_090 greg


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