On the cheap…

This has been my mantra ever since I was married and we have lived on one income.  How to get your home looking the way you like on one income has proven to be a challenge to say the least.

My very creative friend Jac told me of an idea to take a glass candle stick holder, invert it and glue it to a cake plate and viola!  a cake stand…that got me thinking about how I would love to have those hurricane glass vases that are on stands or those apothecary jars that are on stands but unfortunately cannot justify the price and I wondered if I could do something like that with the cake stand idea;
“on the cheap”.

With the help of our local thrift store I was able to find some glass candle stick holders,DSC_8538 and with the help of our local dollarstore, some glass vases.

DSC_8542 I followed the instructions using a “super glue” that is used to bond glass to get the candle sticks attached to the vases.  Put a couple of books on top of them to secure in place…

DSC_8552…went about getting things ready for wedding set up day tomorrow, and they were ready!

(your cue to ooooo and aaaaaah)

DSC_8546  DSC_8615

To make three, the grand total; including tax was about 10 dollars! 

Thank you Jac for that inspiration!


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Unknown said…
Ooooh & aaah! Very nice.

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