staged Bedrooms

Realtors say the bedroom is an important feature to display properly when selling your home.

It is all about the first impression the potential client has upon entering your bedroom. 

It should convey COMFORT.  It does not matter how large the bedroom is, even the smallest of bedrooms can feel spacious and inviting.

I wanted to include some after shots of some bedrooms that had a variety of things done to them to

help them be more appealing to the client while still keeping life comfortable for the homeowner.

DSC_0739_edited-1Furniture rearranged and a valance added.

bedroom2_500[1]A very small bedroom painted a pale blue and de cluttered. 

bedroom_500[1]Bunk beds dismantled into a twin and room de cluttered.

bedroom1_500[1]An empty room made into a guest bedroom.

bedroom_500[2]New flooring and de cluttered.

masterbedroom_500[1]New bedspread and de cluttering.   


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