Smiles at i heart faces

I have mentioned “i heart faces” before on this blog since I use their weekly challenges to inspire me to take different photo’s.  This week the subject is SMILES.  And since I have three children who love to smile, I thought this will be a no-brainer!  Boy was I wrong!  How to choose which smile would be the best entry?  A full, all out smile with a grin from ear to ear?  or a shy, quite pensive smile which makes you wonder what the subject is smiling about, plus then there is the added factor-my kids are just too cute for words.

(I am a mum, I am allowed to think this ;)

So I asked my daughter which ones she liked the best-surprise, surprise, she likes the one of herself!  In fact they all liked their own photo’s, so we did a draw out of three photo’s…and this one won!


Please check out the gorgeous smiles at



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