Does your kitchen inspire you?

The history of the kitchen; quite an amazing story really.  Starting from being that space that existed between your door and fireplace to becoming a room isolated to itself for the main purpose to cook, create, or simply provide a meal.  Eventually it evolved into becoming the main hub of your home, where all come to congregate. 


Because of technological advancement, electricity allowed for new appliances, which constantly expanded the square footage needed in an average kitchen. Generally, the kitchen was hidden away due to the fumes and clutter caused by food preparation. There was nothing visually attractive about the kitchen, so home owners used it only for preparation. Dining was done in a separate space.


It is space common to all people telling the history of domestic life in how we acquire, prepare, cook, serve, eat, preserve, and store our food.  Kitchens have come a long way.


My kitchen inspires me.  Albeit the good Lord above knows at best my cooking is deemed “edible” but when I am in my kitchen I feel as though I could cook up a storm to the likes of Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck or my husband’s favourite chef; Jamie Oliver.


Regardless of your ability to prepare a tasty meal, your kitchen should show off your personality, and make you want to create a masterpiece worthy of any culinary award.

DSC_2822The simplest way to show your style in your kitchen is with colour.  A splash of colour can go a long way in bringing out your personality.  Forget what trends say, and go with what you like, what comforts you, and inspires you.  Keep your kitchen organized.  Everything in it’s rightful space.  Don’t only display those pretty pieces of china but use them too, dine on them everyday.  

DSC_0027Make your kitchen yours; screaming with personality.



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