Inspiration does not always have to be a thing, or something that makes you feel the need to be creative. Sometimes inspiration comes in a form of a person…or people in my case.

At “i heart faces” this week they were having a “hands on” challenge.  My son who loves his bath time and even more so with his army men inspired me to post this picture.  {Boys are so very different at bath time than girls, no barbies-unless they are taken hostage, or cute princess unless sisters have convinced him the army men need to rescue them-just army men and bubbles}

K, army men, bath

k, army men, bath2

My kids motivate and inspire me in many waysMy oldest really loves doing creative things and recently has discovered she loves having her picture taken.  My second daughter almost never stands still for a photo op but loves to sing and make up stories.  They all love to explore.  So this past Saturday we went out as the sun rose to explore down by the waterfront.  It was so peaceful and quiet {until child #2 started singing opera}and we had the beach shore all to ourselves.  For the next two hours my kids explored and played and we just enjoyed each other..this is one of those moments which inspires me the most.

DSC_1795 kids by the water


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