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Stef, Stephanie, Wife, Mum, Artsy, Photographer, Designer, Cancer survivor….that is me in a nutshell.

I dealt with cancer as a young adult which changed my life forever.  Leaving a career in Interior Design to get well, then to find out I was pregnant, having only been diagnosed with cancer 8 months prior.  Fast forward to now, having been home for a number of years raising children. 

Now my kiddos are all in school full time, and I’ve been cancer free for a while now.  And I can dedicate time to my passion…

Art, design and photography have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I started in a Saturday morning art class, moving to a high school for the arts, finally graduating from Ryerson with an honours degree in Interior Design. Each stage developed and expanded my knowledge of design and photography.  Growing up with a father who was a Lithographer, I was always exposed to some type of photography and always had his old Pentax over my shoulder.

I am joining my love and education of art, photography and design together in a business with a passion to create and capture it all.

A portrait of your child, capturing the love within a family, MLS photography to show the essence of a home or staging it so the character of the home will attract buyers;

that is my passion.


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