Sep 21, 2013

From Teacher to Wife to Momma~Sneak Peak {Durham Family Photography}

When someone invests time and energy in my children and does it with extreme love and best intentions I love them for LIFE.

This is what happened with Mrs. Little aka. Miss Fletcher.  From the moment my girls stepped into her classroom in grade one and two, she captivated their hearts and minds.

Miss Fletcher found a permanent place in the lives of my girls,  so when she traveled to Ontario and asked for a photo shoot we jumped at the opportunity to see her again.

After the “formal shoot” we had a chance to hang out so that is why you will see some casual images in this session.

Thanks for your investment, and for the fun day this summer!

_DSC1158 bw


(Note the youngest looking at his momma, then note Dad also looking her way in the next one! I love how he looks at her. She was trying to get her son’s attention, but still catches her hubby’s)


_DSC1196 bw


















Aug 13, 2013

Family, Friends and a BBQ

Summer; it means spending time with family, friends and lots of BBQ’s.  And the owners of Classic Fireplace know how to do all three successfully.

It was a perfect summer afternoon for such a gathering…









Wheeler bbq-29









Wheeler bbq-207 bw

Wheeler bbq-249


Wheeler bbq-134

Proof of a successful family gathering and BBQ…The only remainder of food left is the stains of melted ice cream on the faces of the children!

Jul 24, 2013

A Tree, a Toddler and a Baby on the Way~Sneak Peak {Whitby Family Photography}

One of the things I love most about doing family portraits is you don’t always know what to expect.

I go to each session with ideas of a certain images I  would like to capture, sometimes parents will have ideas themselves which I love as well, and sometimes, you just have to wing it.

There have been sessions where I have tried to slow down a crawler by distracting it in hopes to slow it down, or putting a baby in basket, or even giving the child an activity to do that will make for cute photos but this is the first time I have ever stuck a toddler in a tree.

It was hot, the area was new and there was just too much to explore and see, so it wasn’t until we put her in a tree that was made just for her that we got a good chunk of the photos from the session.

Pre tree:





We also did  a couple of the “belly” shots since baby will be arriving soon…






And these are the shots we got after she sat in the tree…


(It is close to the ground so she wouldn’t have dropped-her feet almost touched the ground at this point)






I wish you could hear her laugh…it is the best-from-the-gut- kind of laugh!









(she stopped for only a second, then started laughing again)





This one is my favourite our her in the tree, and the last one is my favourite of her exploring.

Thanks for having me come along again and get some shots pre baby!